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I love to work with creative, fun, innovative, and sustainable brands to highlight their destinations, experiences and products in a way that connects with customers. I'm always down for a challenge so if you've got a bespoke project in mind that isn't covered by the options below let's have a chat!

What I Offer

Travel Photography

I specialise in crafting breathtaking travel content, sharing the unique and meaningful stories behind destinations, and inspiring people to explore the globe as well as finding adventure on their doorstep. Having worked in the client facing side of the travel industry, I understand the needs and challenges that travel brands face when communicating with their audience. I am passionate about sustainable and ethical travel as well as encouraging people to explore and learn about the world around them.


Each brand and destination is unique and so I'll work with you to understand what your brand is all about to then produce beautiful, high quality images that really get to the heart of your brand or destination and highlight the elements that make it unique and magical.





When shooting for Interrail the aim was to demonstrate the diverse destinations and range of experiences on offer, from the picturesque streets of Brugges, historic monasteries of Meteora, to the excitement of chasing the Aurora Borealis in the Nordics. Given that all of this is possible with one rail ticket, it was essential to ensure that trains were factored into the images to show just how flexible sustainable travel can be. From gap year travellers to seasoned explorers, Interrail's the most flexible way to explore Europe by rail. Offering an all encompassing ticket to explore more than 33 countries, they aim to create connections which have a long lasting and positive impact,

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Product Photography

From dramatic backdrops, adventurous lifestyle shots, or just beautiful images to show products in their best light, I work with brands to produce images and campaigns for their marketing, websites and social media presence. From outdoors and adventure brands, lifestyle brands, to food and drinks companies, I've produced work for a range of industries and always relish the opportunity to get creative when creating product shots.

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With the ROWDY campaign, I wanted to showcase the rich earthy tones and minimal designs that are at the brand's core while emphasising product versatility. Originating in Cape Town, South Africa, ROWDY aims to embrace basic goodness and mindful consumption. Their bags are handmade by local artisans and designed for independent thinkers and adventurers. The resulting images have been used throughout the brand's social media and feature prominently on the product pages of their website.

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Image Licensing

License photographs from my existing catalogue of images from across the globe. This can be a great option to improve your marketing, social media, or website content especially if you're looking for images to highlight a specific destination without commissioning new work. 


Education and Public Speaking

From running photography workshops to presenting my academic research in public forms, I've spoken at a wide range of events including everything from telling my personal story at charity conferences, to providing informational sessions for school and scout groups. If you're looking for a speaker for your event or a photography workshop, I'd love to hear from you. Please drop me an email to discuss your needs.

Areas of expertise and interest

photography • travel knowledge • geopolitics • Sustainable travel • solo female travel • travel safety • cultural sensitivity • destination specific advice • logistics and planning

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